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Welcome to Highway Fuel!

For over 30 years the manufacturing staff at Highway Fuel has been building precision parts and machinery for the recycling industry.

Our parts are made to very strict standards using the most durable materials so you can rest knowing that you are using the highest quality parts on the market.


Single Drive Rotary Airlock Feeder - call for price

Single drive rotary airlock feeders have a shaft on one end and machined on the other for the drive sensor.

$7,915.00 — $8,545.00

Highway Fuel feeders are designed to fit most blower trucks or trailers with minimal effort. Our feeders can be used to blow or spread materials like compost, bark, mulch, straw, top soil, seed and wood chips.

The single drive models feature:

  • Available in a 9 paddle rotor.
  • Single drive rotary airlock feeders are machined and keyed for the drive sensor and gearbox.
  • Made from the highest quality materials and machined to precise specifications.
  • Made of either standard steel or hardened steel for longer life. Each barrel is precision machined and industrial chromed.
  • Adjustable knives included.

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