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Welcome to Highway Fuel!

For over 30 years the manufacturing staff at Highway Fuel has been building precision parts and machinery for the recycling industry.

Our parts are made to very strict standards using the most durable materials so you can rest knowing that you are using the highest quality parts on the market.


5" T-Injector - call for price

Part # 21050 - 5" T-Injector


Our 5″ T-injector is a direct replacement for blower trucks, mulch trucks and trailers. Works great for materials from compost to wood chips.


  • 6″ male pipe thread outlet end
  • For use with 5″ or 6″ hose
  • 6″ pipe for inlet end
  • 1/2″ female pipe flange for water inlet on outlet end
  • Built in holder for clean-out rod is included
  • Ideal for running larger materials